Leucotron is a Brazilian IT and Telecom company located in the Electronics Valley, a technology park in Santa Rita do Sapucaí, in southern Minas Gerais. We started our activities on August 1st, 1983, being one of the propellers of the pole, which today has more than 150 technology companies. In the beginning, the production was of equipment for clinical analysis laboratories, which is where the name came from.

The telecommunications market became Leucotron's focus in 1988, with the launch of an electronic PABX, fully developed by our team, especially designed to solve the needs of small and medium-sized Brazilian companies, within a very specific reality in the country. This transition placed Leucotron at the level of an innovative company and totally changed our business focus and the way we positioned ourselves in the market.

We are currently recognized as one of the most important in our segment, offering products and services for IP and conventional telephony, omnichannel digital solutions and tailored projects that help companies of various sizes and sectors to improve their communication processes, sales, customer service and the entire communication experience between people and businesses.

Leucotron has a strong presence in all regions of Brazil, with more than 300 partner dealers, and also operates in Colombia and Mexico.


Efficiency, productivity, management, and results are directly linked to how people spend their time, communicate, have precision in what they do, and deliver results - and how all of this is measured and evaluated.

Given this scenario, Leucotron's performance may include:

  • Understanding customer needs.
  • Technological architecture, when there is the need for specific compositions.
  • Policies and tools that can enhance communication at the business processes.
  • Solutions or combinations in Hardware, Software, Cloud and SaaS.
  • Applications that act as special functions - such as billing, mobile extension, call center manager, among others.
  • Services such as URAs, monitoring, premium support, interactive system for guest relations, among others.
  • Pre-elaborated and flexible solutions, based on previous knowledge of expected benefits, such as reduction in the telephone bill, integration of units, management of complex telephony systems, among others. And by peculiarities of the performance area, such as, for example, in hotels, healthcare, and retail chains.
  • Tailored Solutions.
  • Integration with third party systems.
  • Option of commercialization, leasing or sale, to fit in the pocket and policies of different types of companies
  • Support from a high level after-sales team, inside the company, and from more than 300 authorized dealers all over Brazil and in other Latin American countries.



We boost results by simplifying the connection between people and businesses.


Products and services solutions connected to information and communication technology (ICT). Our focus is to operate in a globalized, reliable, sustainable, agile, and secure way in the business market.


Provide solutions that contribute to our client’s success and also help the country’s technological development. All this with innovation, ethics, and environmental and social responsibility.


To be nationally and internationally recognized for our expertise, credibility, innovation, and excellence.


Leucontron is committed to our customer satisfaction, always seeking to improve sour products, services quality management system.

Pioneering and Quality

Our main goal is to keep improving our quality, therefore we are always in tune with the newest technologies in telecom.

As a result, we were the first telecom Brazilian company to have an ISO 9001 certification, in September 1995.

Another major milestone for our pioneering spirit happened in 1996, with the launch of the first, completely Brazilian, digital time-based PABX with CTI technology (Computer Telephony Integration).

After that, the Company had other innovations in products and management that marked our history. Today we are recognized for our high-quality production of IP and conventional telephony technology.

Our main commitment to our clients is maximum innovation and efficiency. This goal is reassured in every launch, always being part of our history and successful results.


Health and Safety

We follow the following principle “working in a safe environment aiming to promote the health and well-being of our employees.

Because of this principle, we don’t put the company’s profit and production above the safety, health, and environment. We have special actions to improve the quality of life in the professional and personal environment.

Health programs and activities

  • We carry out medical examinations, monitoring and checking the activities of all the employees;
  • PCMSO - Medical Control and Occupational Health Program (MCOHP);
  • PCA - Auditory Control Program (ACP);
  • Labor Gymnastics Program;
  • Instructional and preventive lectures.

Safety programs and activities

  • PPRA - Environmental Risk Prevention Program (ERPP);
  • Training: First Aid, Defensive Driving, Control, and Fire Fighting;
  • CIPA - Internal Accident Prevention Commission (IAPC);
  • SIPAT - Internal Accident Prevention Week (IAPW);


We believe in the coexistence of technological progress and environmental preservation. Thus, investment in environmental management is a part of our DNA, being the company’s awareness of a better life in the future.


  • Waste Management System;
  • ETE - Effluent Treatment Station (ETS);
  • Liquid waste treatment;
  • Solid Waste Treatments;
  • Selective Collection Program;
  • Awareness lectures and training;
  • Ecological hikes.

“We believe that social practices are oriented by and ethic transparent management. It brings benefits for both the company and the community, improving the employees’ life quality inside and outside the company.”


We are constantly seeking partners and business opportunities to meet the Brazilian market demands with innovative and appropriate solutions.

We work together with major operators, corporations, government agencies, and exports to offer advanced solutions for each project.

We are always open to new partnerships, working in an ethical, transparent, and trusty manner. We currently have partnerships with the main fixed, mobile, and IP operators.

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It is not enough for us to be recognized as a reference among Brazilian IP and conventional telephony companies. It is also necessary to constantly seek recognition from the customer, the market, and the employees who work with us. For us each award is more than an achievement, it is a new starting point.

These awards are the result of good market practices, an internal environment conducive to the development of innovative solutions. Besides, it is a very important recognition in the segment that we operate.

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